Mermaid necklace with crown and heart, blue sodalite beads, 20 inches long

Item Description

This necklace measures 20.25" long (51.5cm) and features a terrific mermaid pendant from Green Girl Studios and beautiful round blue sodalite beads. The pendant is made from lead-free pewter and also features the word "Wisdom" on the back.

All of the beadcaps, silver beads, crimp covers and crimps are sterling silver. The clasp is made of high quality silver plated lead-free pewter.

The sodalite beads measure approximately 1/4" in diameter (6mm), and the mermaid pendant is 1 1/8" long (28 mm).

The beads are strung on .019 Soft-Flex wire, which is very strong and supple.

In the waters the mermaids swim, singing their songs and weaving tales of woe for hapless sailors. The mermaid is a powerful symbol, beckoning for those to follow her into her waters to glimpse a new world.


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