Green garnet Medusa necklace, mythic theme, ouroboros snakes, 20 1/2 inches long

Item Description

The necklace measures 20.5" long (52cm) and features a Medusa pendant from Green Girl Studios. The pendant is made from lead-free pewter and there is an ouroboros on the back, which is the image of a snake devouring itself (an image thought to represent infinity).

Snakes hissing in her hair, Medusa evokes the image of a powerful woman, her baleful glare turning mortals into stone.

All of the crimp covers and the crimps are sterling silver. The toggle clasp and beadcaps are made from silver plated leadfree high quality pewter.

The round green garnet beads measure approximately 1/4" in diameter (6mm), and the Medusa pendant is 1" across (25mm).

The beads are strung on .019 Soft-Flex wire, which is very strong and supple.

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