Etched copper galaxy necklace with grey and black Norwegian moonstone beads, simple jewelry, etched copper, 18 3/4" long

Item Description

This necklace features an etched pendant featuring a beautiful image of a planetary diagram from the Encyclopedia Britannica (1771). The design is etched into solid copper sheet metal with ferric chloride, then given a patina, tumbled, hand polished, and sealed with a permanent clear lacquer. Etching is a process that has been used for centuries to create gorgeous designs in metal.

I've paired this etched piece with antiqued copper chain and grey and black Norwegian moonstone beads.

The clasp, decorative ring, and small copper beads are made of copper plated leadfree pewter, and the jump rings are made of enameled copper. The chain and the wire are made of antiqued copper.

The necklace measures 18.75" long (47.5cm). The pendant measures 7.8" in diameter x 1/32" thick (22mm x 1mm) and should give you years of enjoyment. If the lacquer ever wears off, it can be easily touched up with clear nail polish.

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